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Back in 1988, City Clean Dry Cleaners was just a business idea.

37 years ago, Daniel Ng, immigrated to America from Hong Kong, leaving behind most of his family to pursue a successful life. As he struggled with minimal living conditions, he worked to obtain a business license and a dry cleaning class certificate in order to realize his entrepreneurial dreams: to work in the dry-cleaning business. This took countless hours since he not only needed to learn the different materials, stitching, fabric, etc… that made quality clothes, but he also had to learn extensive vocabulary as he had no prior knowledge of English. The language barrier helped him conquer a steeper learning curve, paying attention to minute details that prompted a successful business henceforth.

In the beginning, most, if not all, of the Ng family assisted with the business. As business grew, we made connections with an abundant number of loyal customers. Expanding to different parts of the bay area, we have opened five establishments and separated our main facility to a bigger location where we dry-clean our clothes and give our employees more space to work comfortably. We realize that a business model with longevity prioritizes quality over quantity, thus we spent more money to purchase dry-clean machines that hold high maintenance and uses nontoxic fluids which, in turn, saves the environment and helps clean clothes effectively.

There are many struggles that come with a family-owned business, but City Clean Dry Cleaners always works hardest to better serve and grow our top priority: the loyal customers we have established over the past 3 decades.

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